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Life-size torsos invade craft stores

1I like creating things, so I make frequent trips to craft and fabric stores to buy materials for various projects I start (and often don’t finish, truth be told.)

The last couple of times, I’ve noticed several substantial shipments of an item I tried to purchase at an affordable price about a year ago.

Luckily, while searching for an antique dining table at The Flowood Flea market, I spotted one and got it for a reasonable price – about a third of what they typically cost in stores and online.

What I’m talking about is a dress form. The man who sold it to me didn’t know the term, which might explain why it was a bargain.

2Dress forms, models of the torso used to help fit clothing that is being designed or sewed, seem to be becoming more popular.

Maybe more people have become interested in sewing because of the economy, because they have been creatively inspired by shows like Project Runway, or because they are bored with what the fashion industry is producing. (At this point, everything from film to fashion seems to be remakes.)

The supply for dress forms may have also grown because more people are selling vintage or used clothing on sites like eBay or Etsy to make an extra buck.

3That’s one of the reasons I bought my dress form. The other was to creatively sew and refashion clothing.

I bought fabric recently with hopes of making a dress similar to this one that I recently saw in In Style magazine. Wish me luck.

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